Managing Rules

Creating your first rule

To create or edit a rule, access the following Menu:

And Click on "add button" + :

Rule options:

  • Enabled: Enable the rule

  • Sequence: The evaluation order. Sequential number from 10 to 19.

  • Rule Action: Default rule action.

    • Block: Permit all traffic except the listed categories and/or blacklisted domains/regex specified.

    • BlockAll: Block all traffic except the listed categories and/or whitelisted domains/regex specified.

  • Name: Rule name.

Source Options

The source options evaluation order is:

  1. Users

  2. IPs/Subnets

  • Usernames: Usernames from the local backend authentication;

  • IP: Source IPs/Subnets;

Multiple sources options accepted

Destination Options

  • Categories: choose the websites categories you want to block/allow;

Rule Description: A nice description to your rule;

Advanced Options

Blacklist Domains: Domains to be blocked.


Blacklist RegEx: Regular expressions to get blacklisted.

Ex.: Will block *

Whitelist Domains: Domains to be whitelisted.


Whitelist RegEx: Regular expressions to get whitelisted.

Ex.: Will whitelist *

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